Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Letter 3

Dear Greg,

Here's a picture of me and my mum at the pizza restaurant.

Do you like pizzas? I like apples, I like oranges and bananas.
I like everything. Oh no. I don't like fish!
Write soon.



Letter 2

Dear Greg,

Thank you for your letter.
Look! This is my favourite toy.
It isn’t a robot. It’s a doll.
It’s pink and purple. It’s great!
It can say ‘Hello’!
What’s your favourite TV programme?

Write soon!


My first letter

Dear Greg,

Hello! I'm Justina. I'm seven.
I'm from Uruguay.

My School is 'Liceo Francés'. My teacher is Valeria.
I like school very much. It's funny!

My favourite food is pizza and my favourite colour is purple.
My best friend is Sofía.

What's your favourite food?
What's your favourite colour?

Bye bye